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Why do you care what they think?

Often times we tend to do and say things based on how others feel or think. It seems like we can’t move forward without getting approval from others. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t run an idea or something by someone to get their opinion. However, you should not base your decision solely off of that opinion. What if the opinion doesn’t feel good to you or resonates with your spirit? Will you still choose to make that decision based off of it? My question is why do you care what others think? Should you care what others think? Why are you living your life based on the opinion of others? When you choose to make decisions based on how others feel or think then you are not being your true authentic self. You may claim that you’re 100 or real, however, are you really especially when you decide to do things based off of other people opinions.

I know for me, I was a natural people pleaser and wanted to make sure that everyone was okay or better yet happy. I would sometimes give in to things that I didn’t really feel like doing and it showed in my attitude and demeanor. I remember a few times I told some friends that I didn’t want to do something, however they kept bugging me and really got on my last nerves. I kept telling them that I wouldn’t be good company so just let me be. Oh but no, they insisted and guess what, I was truly not good company. I didn’t say a word the entire time, didn’t smile, laugh or anything. I just wasn’t myself and they kept asking what was wrong. I gave them the side eye and was like I told you that I didn’t want to do this but you insisted so this is what you get.

Throughout my life’s journey, I’ve come to realize that I cannot continue to do what was making others happy or okay if it wasn’t giving me any pleasure. Now I love to see people smile, but at what cost? I would get so caught up in making decisions based on how this person or that person would respond and that started to drain all the energy out of me. I had to put a stop to it and once I did, I started living my best life. It was like a weight was lifted. I do consider others and their feelings sometimes, however I just now go with what feels good and right for me, although I do make some decisions that don’t feel good but it’s the right thing to do because of my morals and standards. I don’t purposely set out to hurt anyone and I don’t take what others do or say personally. The reason I don’t is because it’s wasted energy, their opinions aren’t taking care of my household, and I’m in total control of the outcome from my point of view. I can either accept it or move on or I can dwell in it and stay stagnant, which I refuse to have anything or anyone stunt my growth.

I’ve said this numerous time, the main thing you have to keep in mind is that you are in total control of your actions and how you respond to whatever life throws your way. So again I ask, why do you care what they think?

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