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Empowering women to live confident, authentic lives unapologetically!

Jovita N. Miller is a mother, entrepreneur, and a motivating force for women. Despite having encountered many challenges in her own life, Jovita persevered while refusing to accept failure. Her tests became her testimony, which in turn, became the fuel for other women to gain triumphant victory in their own lives. Jovita empowers women to live confident, authentic lives unapologetically. She helps them to reach their full potential by showing them how to tap into their own inner greatness. It is Jovita’s passion to see women inspired, empowered and restored to wholeness. As a single mother, Jovita also has a heart for promoting family togetherness and having a positive network of role models for not only her son, but also for today’s youth.

Jovita helps her clients apply her S.H.I.F.T. Methodology® to give themselves permission to be free while enhancing their lives and experiences. 

S.H.I.F.T. Methodology®

Stand in your truth

Honor yourself

Invest in yourself

Fall in love with yourself

Transform your life 

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