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"Jovita has been very instrumental in my life, I can always reach out for an honest non-judgmental opinion. She is very trust worthy and knows how to strategically push you beyond what you thought were your limits. If you want someone who is going to be open and honest in your corner, she is your girl! "

Carlon M.

"Jovita, is always willing to listen and has an open minded stance on various situations."

Chauntay W.

"I call Jovita when I need to hear the truth in my life! No hesitation because I know that she is going to tell me what I NEED to hear vs what I want to hear! I have received many great advice from Jovita that I hold so dear to my heart! I love her for it all! Helping and encouraging is what comes natural for her. Jovita has encouraged me to do great things even when I've doubt myself. Thank you Jovita, for the assurance of knowing that I can always count on you even if it hurts!"

Lynette G.

"Jovita, has been my sounding board for many, many years! She is a great listener and encourager and love her for it!!! "

Keisha B.

"Jovita, has motivated me to push myself to different levels with work and in life. She gives her honest opinion, even though sometimes I don't agree. She encourages me to look at situations from different points of views. That by far has helped me when it comes to dealing with people."

Bridget M.

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